Do you have a strategy to repair your older equipment?

Cincinnati Replacement Parts & Technologies (RPT) technicians are experienced machine tool builders that understand the techniques necessary to build precision equipment. Every day we perform the lost art of scraping ways, fitting gibs to dovetail slides, scraping bearings to spindles, lapping valves and spools to bores, restoring critical centerline dimensions. These are the critical features essential to correctly rebuilding precision equipment.


Not only do we repair components, we identify the root cause of failure, this is essential for implementing corrective action:

  • Provide a written report on the cause of failure.
  • Digital pictures are taken to highlight the cause and corrective repair and action required.
  • The component is rebuilt with new, first quality parts – not reconditioned items or reversed engineered.
  • We use wear plates to restore centerline dimensions not glued on turkite or composite materials.

Support Services:

Up-time is critical our support service offers a long term equipment strategy – a preventative maintenance solution.

  • Are we repairing a deficient system that should be upgraded?
  • Rebuild units are available “on exchange”
  • Failed units can be held on consignment.
  • All components are built with new parts, tested, adjusted and warranted.
  • Field Service support is available for dismantling, training and on site and installation.


If you have a request for a quote, wish to inquire about cincinnati machine tool equipment for sale, have questions, or are interested in employment opportunities, contact us by emailing or calling (313)-382-5880 and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.